1. Our Mission

    Our mission is to assist our clients in entering new markets or to consolidate existing operations. We perform prior assessment of the environment, provide support during actual implementation and continued monitoring of the situation so as to ensure smooth operations

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  2. 1

    Investment Safeguard

    We help you make educated investment decisions, alert you to the risks before entering new market, assist your company during development phases and protect your business when established

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  3. 2

    Corporate Assets Aegis

    We assess the risks presented to your business and recommend preventive measures, set-up risk management processes, detect and prevent frauds, propose and implement crisis management solutions.

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  4. 3

    Brand assurance

    We monitor your brand's perception and reputation with the stakeholders, protect you against competition, fair or unfair, with a particular focus on business intelligence and actively assist you in promoting the image of your brand in order to minimise the threats against your intangible assets.

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  5. 4

    Information Management

    We provide information management solutions and analysis, offer online data mining and surveys, detect and correct data security weaknesses in digital or other forms recover and investigate data losses and propose corrective measures and procedures.

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The partial privatization of Vietnam Airlines reflects the authorities' willingness to continue opening up and diversifying Vietnam' s economy.
Almost one thousands homes, businesses and schools in Vietnam have their CCTV recordings accessed and posted online as part of a global awareness-raising campaign on the need for greater attention to cyber-security.
Conscious of declining numbers of Chinese-speaking tourists, Vietnam is taking measures to ease its entry requirements for citizens from Western countries.
Samsung are planning a major investment in Thai Nguyen province in Vietnam, taking advantage of the tech-friendly policy put in place by the Vietnamese government to entice tech companies to come to Vietnam.