With more than 15 years experience in risk mitigation, Asia Global Risk offers comprehensive risk management services.

Asia Global Risk was founded by Eric Bijaoui over 17 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, focusing initially on the Malaysian market. It quickly gained recognition with multinational corporations operating in Malaysia and, in 2004, a holding company was incorporated in Hong Kong in order to support its regional expansion.

Today Asia Global Risk is an independent company established in a number of Asian countries with operational capacities in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East through its network of specialised and strategic partnerships. The firm is managed by a team of highly motivated individuals, all of whom are trained professionals, ready to meet clients' requirements in the fields of risk management and business intelligence.

Asia Global Risk is proud to be a partner of choice for numerous well-known multinational corporations in the region.

Asia Global Risk's mission is to assist its clients in entering new markets and consolidating existing operations abroad within sensitive environments. Drawing from the team's recognized expertise and wealth of experience in all areas of risk mitigation, Asia Global RIsk is highly adaptable and able to develop bespoke risk management solutions based on its clients specific requirements.Asia Global Risk currently has clients across a diverse range of industries including electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer and luxury goods, petro-chemicals, construction and retail.

Asia Global Risk's main differentiation factor is a capacity to follow a genuinely holistic approach and work alongside its clients from the initial risk identification stage up to the implementation of risk-mitigating actions.

Asia Global Risk's deep understanding of the local context and close working relationship with key individuals in the countries where it operates allows us to assist clients from the determination of strategic options all the way down to all manners of remedial actions.

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A word from our President

2016 will have been the year during which we shifted our attention to Myanmar more than we ever did before. This conscious decision stems from the recognition that Myanmar, the last “new frontier” in Asia Pacific and beyond, is also a country with very strong fundamentals and worth investing in for the duration. Having been present in that country for years, a time which we used to become more knowledgeable of its realities, apparent and hidden, and to build up a network of colleagues and correspondents, we are well-equipped to serve the needs of outsiders wiling to enter the playing field of Myanmar. Taking that logics one step further, we have extended our scope of services from consultancy to assisting foreign companies in the promotion of their products in Myanmar, and we have selected Myanmar as our new regional base. By so doing, we will consolidate our position of strength in Asia Pacific, still carrying out our operations in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Brunei. More news to come soon, including the forthcoming announcement of a major restructuring that will make us become part of a larger risk management and related services organization.