Case study: Asia venture (InvestInsight)


The challenge

A medium size Asia-Pacific concern wants to set-up a J/V with an Asian distributor who was never vetted but has proven efficient over the years. The work must be done within a very short period of time since negotiations already are at an advanced stage and the client wants to quickly finalize the terms of the deal. Our work must also be conducted without the proposed partner hearing anything about the due diligence being conducted..

Our approach

Beside going through the necessary motion of a classical due diligence in order to verify the possible litigation background of the distributor and other such elements, other industry players are approached under different pretexts in order to collect information about the company which is of interest to our client. The said company is also directly approached under 2 widely different pretexts to test its resistance capacity to negative influence which could later prove to be the dowfall of our client’s investment.

The impact

The client is now enjoying the fruits of his investment decision without any doubts about his partner and its Asian operations are starting to contribute positively to its overall business.

What the client valued

Our absolute discretion, including the fact that, to this day and after the J/V having been in operations for a couple of years, the Asian company still has no inkling that we thoroughly checked its background. The client also appreciated the swiftness of our action and the pertinence of our findings. In fact, he even asked our in-house consultant lawyer to draft the final Agreement which was entered into with his partner.

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