Case study: Assistance in upgrading services to ensure business growth (InvestPartner)


The challenge

The client is a very large multinational company involved in various aspects of the service industry and has been trying internally to upgrade the quality of the organization and work in one of its Asian business unit so as to facilitate said unit’s growth. Numerous attempts have failed to produce the expected results and the client then decides to entrust this assignment to AGR. The duration of the assignment is estimated to last between 12 and 18 months with six-monthly reviews and reassessments.

Our approach

Due to the sheer size of the unit and its presence in a large number of locations over a very widespread territory , it is decided , in agreement with the client, to first start by producing an inventory of the present situation. Once this is done, a market potential growth assessment is conducted together with a comparison of our client and its competitors as far as their respective position and perception by the market is concerned. Lastly we submitted to the client a very comprehensive document which covered all recommendations to improve operations both internally and externally.

The impact

The client ultimately saved time and money by outsourcing the work and, more importantly, benefited from our non partisan experience and understanding of both its business and its goals in that particular country and thus ensuring a healthy and profitable development for the future.

What the client valued

The fact that we dedicated to this work a Project Manager with both the background and the experience in organizing large command structures but who also had been in-country for years thus allowing him to perfectly understand the specificity of the local industry and politics at regions and national levels. Also, the absolute transparency of what was done, the constant brainstorming with the client’s local management which led to producing a document that will assist this business unit’s development in this country for years to come.

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