Case study: Corporate Extortion Attempt (RiskControl)


The challenge

A multinational retail business receives credible threats from an unknown source requesting one of their Country Director to pay-up a large amount in local currency to avoid having poisoned consumer goods put on their shelves. At the time, the client finds matters further complicated by the non-responsiveness of the local police force and then decides to hire our services especially so since its corporate and insurance policy forbids him from being directly involved in such negotiations.

Our approach

The first step is to take the next call of the extorsionist in order to let him know that negotiations are possible but that the person in charge is one of our senior executives posing as a client’s employee. The second simultaneous step is to approach senior members of the Police force in order to convince them that such a case will look bad In the international business community and, possibly the Press, if the authorities are seen to do nothing. Within 48 hours and through our intervention, a total of 50 Police officers, including communication monitoring specialists, are deployed at the client’s premises and on the ground to support AGR negotiation officer in order to work towards an arrest which happened 2 weeks later.

The impact

The client saved money not only by not paying the extorsionist but by avoiding a media reported incident about the quality of the goods sold in its stores. The authorities were satisfied with the discreet outcome

What the client valued

The fact that we reacted immediately and got things moving quickly including with the authorities. The client was impressed by the professionalism and patience brought by AGR to the negotiation which, while allowing for the Police to get closer to the extorsionist at every call, divided the amount initially requested by 10…. even though it was never paid. After the arrest of the extorsionist It was discovered that the same Individual had committed the same crime one year before and that the victimized corporation had tried, unsuccessfully, to deal with the issue internally.

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