Case study: Corporate Fraud Investigation (CyberDetect)


The challenge

The regional management of a large industrial group suspects one of their senior managers to be involved in a large fraud operation. The senior manager is very well connected both inside the company, including with some IT staff, and on the local business scene. The client wishes to confirm the existence of an actual fraud and gather evidence without alerting the suspect.

Our approach

The suspect had several electronic devices at his disposal that where assigned to him by his company. A pretext was arranged to obtain physical access to the devices and a forensic copy of the data was performed. To obtain further intelligence on the suspect's activity, a monitoring solution was also installed on all of his devices. The information gathered using these technical surveillance solutions was instrumental in breaking the case. A large operation was uncovered involving several suppliers and a factory that was set up to produce and sell copies of the client's products.

The impact

A major sidelining of all untoward elements inside and outside of the company took place following our report and this resulted in an increased competitiveness for the client on the market.

What the client valued

The fact that a monitoring solution was installed and monitored without the local IT staff being aware of it.

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