Case study: Fraudulent Grey Market export (BrandRep)


The challenge

A market leader in the cosmetics industry receives anonymous emails alleging a collusion between a few of his local distributors and possibly some of his staff in order to sell its products onto the export market. AGR is called to investigate the allegations and bring elements of proof to the client.

Our approach

Each of the alleged co-conspirators is investigated, reputation and market wise, but also through surveillance in order to ascertain their connection to the client and possibly to some of his employees as well as the relationship among themselves and with any third parties which could be involved in this scheme.

The impact

The client managed to let the culprits know that they had been uncovered , that careful watch would be kept in the future and thus could send the right message to the market as well as to its own employees.

What the client valued

AGR’s speed in bringing to light the reality of some of the allegations, our honesty in confirming that some of the parties alleged to be involved were most likely not involved and our discretion which allowed us to do this without alerting either the targets who are still, ultimately, clients of our client or the market since this could have had negative commercial repercussions.

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