Case study: Political analysis and advice (RiskAnalyze)


The challenge

The client has existing sizable investments in the country which has a history of instability and plans further investments. The CEO wants a direct briefing about the potential risks connected to the changes within the new government and the possible short/medium/long term impacts on their business, the security of their staff and other key factors.

Our approach

Our own senior manager’s exceptional understanding of the country stemming from his connections within the governmental apparatus but also because of his closeness to this country for the past 20 years in various capacities, allowed him to give a clear and practical insight as to what could be expected not only in the capital city but also in other strategic parts of the country as well as in regards to the relationship with neighbouring countries for the foreseeable future. The client’s CEO was sufficiently impressed that follow-up analysis were requested from AGR.

The impact

The company has restructured some strategic partnerships based on the advise given by AGR and is now enjoying a fruitful period of growth.

What the client valued

The fact that our country specialist was perfectly knowledgeable about both economic and political aspects of the country’s life as well as to give a very personal insight into the mind of some key governmental and private sector players thus allowing the client to broaden his reflection about his company’s future in the country.

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