Case study: Securing a high level meeting’s proceedings (InfoSec)


The challenge

The client, a large multinational manufacturing concern, wants to hold a meeting in one of its major Asian offices and, because of the seniority of the company’s officers present and the extremely sensitive trade and products related discussions, insists on having a pre-meeting physical and electronic audit as well as to guarantee an absolute protection against eavesdropping during the meeting to be held over a period of 2 days.

Our approach

A thorough audit is conducted, using both electronic detection equipment and physical observation to determine whether listening devices, hidden cameras or any such equipment could have been placed in the relevant area by third parties. The audit also entails verifying if any distance eavesdropping (using laser equipment for example), IT hijacking or human interference are possible as well as defining the best possible set-up to jam all electronic signals during the proceedings. The meeting area is then physically secured until the proceedings start and jamming equipment is activated during the meeting while the area remain physically secured at all times.

The impact

The client was allowed to discuss major technical and strategic subjects impacting the region while being comfortably protected from any outside interference and competitors undue interest.

What the client valued

The in-depth understanding of the client’s requirements as well as the technical know-how of AGR’s officers, their reactivity in general and the fact that a senior member of the local team was left on duty throughout the duration of the proceedings to complement the client’s security team.

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