Case study: Training for the local and regional authorities (BrandPromote)


The challenge

To offer meaningful and practical training to the various authorities involved in various aspects of Intellectual Property protection without repeating what is being told to them all the time by various other consultants and also without seeming to “teach them how to do their own work”.

Our approach

AGR has developed a number of modules which combine theoretical aspects with specific field requirements necessary to efficiently fight against counterfeiters, especially organized ones. Indeed, intelligence gathering and surveillance can be generic but, in this particular field, require some adjustments due to the nature of the laws used to fight such crimes: the fact that, sometimes, criminal charges can be pushed forward when it is impossible at other times and that, thus, other elements of proof must be brought to the authorities (for Civil action, for example). Furthermore, one cannot approach luxury goods counterfeiting the same way pharmaceutical products are tackled.

The impact

The authorities who attend our training sessions know that they are dealing with professionals talking to professionals, who go into the field, take risks together with their own men and this makes cooperation with such authorities much easier and thus much more productive for our clients.

What the client valued

The fact that we have adapted our training modules not only to the various authorities possibly involved but also the fact that we have done so in the local languages and, more importantly, that we have stayed close to the actual reality of field cases from “picking-up the scent” right down to gathering Court activable evidence and arranging arrests by the relevant authorities. We promote practical trainings rather than purely academic ones.

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